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What makes us different

Tractor Merchandise Other Brands
100 % Made in India, from sourcing to manufacturing Not so Indian
100 % Quality Assured Few Brands offer good quality
Provide Customisation No Customisation
Value for money with customisation High price
Have clean brand identity and story Not many have it
Best comfort In our fabric Partially give comfortness

Our Vision and Mission

At Tractor merchandise, we believe in celebrating individuality. We are on the mission to redefine how clothing connects with your identity & individuality. We believe every piece of clothing is a story waiting to be told, Tractor merchandise aims to be at the forefront of this movement, inspiring a revolution of individuality in fashion

Wear your Identity

Personalized Buttons

Our USP is simple, yet revolutionary. We stand as a beacon for those who dare to be different. We are proud to say that Tractor merchandise is the world's first ever button customization brand. We understand that each person is a unique masterpiece, deserve clothing that reflects their own personality. And the value we add in our clothes is what makes us different when compared to other brands

We don't follow trends, we set them


Our logo, featuring a farmer carrying a plow, symbolizes our brand's deep connection to the roots of agriculture and also reflects hardworking spirit of the farmer and the resilience that farmers exemplify and their commitment to the mother earth. The plow represents our commitment to cultivate creativity, nurturing quality, to have a distinctive presence in the fashion landscape.

Acknowledging the value of the WTF show